i know that i’ll never

November 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

my blog ratings are atrochious. i need to get back into blogging, but i dont think i will.
tumblr for life: loveisnotalimit.tumblr.com

yeah boy (: work tonight, with amanda ughhh.
just have to say though, i am so keen for thursday friday saturday and sunday ❤


follow me.

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you make me wanna die

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isnt it weird how your taste changes? i used to hate the pretty reckless, but now i love their songs.
and im suddenly obsessed with taylor momsen, when i used to think she was so feral. but she’s talented.
work now, i have to close which is depressing.

oh, by the way

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who’s keen for saturday? um, me. sad thing is, im not interested in the drinking part of it. just the game.
but i’ll be working throughout it all. yay me.

new term, new hannah?

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or something like that. im thinking there’s alot i’d like to change, and new years is still three months away. which isn’t long i guess, wow i’m going to miss high school.
today was good – it was good seeing my best friend again, and everyone else. i’m really going to miss them next year.

this is where the heart lies

September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

today was boring. laying around the house sick, is boring. i got through alot of gossip girl though (:
school is tomorrow. im stressed, i dont know why. im kind of excited though too, to see everyone. its a strange feeling, im usually just excited.
i wish i could get back into tumblr. its really fun, i just cant find the time to sit down and do it. im not even that busy, haha. mixed feelings right now, about life in general.

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